A Beautiful Wrap Up to Our 2018 Summer Program

A Beautiful Wrap Up to Our 2018 Summer Program

2018 Summer Program Wrap up Party

We wrapped up our summer program and celebrated in true Felege Hiywot style with friends, family, good food and fun recognizing the amazing work of our students!

Posted by Felege Hiywot Center on Thursday, October 4, 2018

We finally finished the seven week summer program at Felege Hiywot! During the last week of the camp students presented their long term projects with IUPUI CEES interns. For our long term project we decided to “test out the effects of different lights sources on the growth of lunchbox pepper plants”.

We chose this project because “in the city it’s important to find alternate ways to grow plants due to the lack of fresh soil and smaller growing spaces”. We used three different types of light: sunlight, fluorescent light and LED lights. Our hypotheses was that sunlight would be the most effective light because it contains all of the wavelength of light. We were very excited to share our findings with our friends and family.

fhc summer project

The last day of camp we hosted an end of the summer event under the beautiful canopy of trees at Felege Hiywot Center. The students invited their families to tour the center and enjoy a delicious cookout graciously catered by Aster and the Anthony family who have been a dear friend to the Felege Hiwyot Center for over a decade.


Our founder and Executive Director Aster as well as our farm leaders shared concluding words about the program and honored the students with awards for their hard work and personal growth. It was a fantastic day and a beautiful wrap up to our 2018 Summer Program. We are already looking forward to next year. We would love for you to join us for our summer program next year at Felege Hiywot!