The Elevation Discussion & Documentary

Thanks to a generous grant from the Central Indiana Community Foundation, FHC is working with PACE (Public Action in Correctional Effort) Indy, The Blue House (Dija Henry), and Agile Management (Michael Lee).

This team is creating a documentary focused on topics of reentry, causes and solutions to crime and recidivism. We have some inspiring individuals we are following as they design dialogues and create space for voices who don’t normally get heard in these topics. Each of their stories are truly impactful and worth hearing.

For the last 18 years, in spite of a great success in having so many of our Center’s students graduating from high school and being gainfully employed or pursuing their post-secondary education, we have had students who get in trouble with the law and face incarceration. Additionally, we see some of our students between 20-30 years old begin to have issues due to not having support in dealing with trauma from their past.

Therefore, in this partnership with PACE Indy, we want to help our students get the proper support as they continue to mentor upcoming students.

Our aim is to work to identify and address the root causes of violent crime by doing a few things:

  1. Youth 18+ years old will engage in discussions on how to address the root causes of violent crime and what they think solutions could be.
  2. The Blue House is creating a short film of these discussions for FHC and PACE participants to carry out screening of the film for the community, town hall meetings, schools, neighborhood associations, friends, and family. Discussion meetings will be led by facilitators and note takers will capture the cause and solution to violent crime discussed by the participants.

Want to see what we’ve been doing?