Youth Farm Initiative

What Is the Youth Farm Initiative?

Teens working together to manage an urban farm.

Students in the Youth Farm Initiative work side by side cultivating crops, growing friendships, and developing life skills. Through this program, FHC teaches high school students the importance of Service, Leadership, Teamwork, and Knowledge. The Youth Farm Initiative is youth-led and provides experiential learning opportunities, implementation of real-world life and business principles, service to the community, and an outlet for local agriculture.

Education by Farming

Teaching Indianapolis youth one seed at a time.

Our urban farm program is all about learning and having fun. Through the program, children gain the knowledge and skills of growing sustainable food. We combine language arts, math, science, and social studies with horticulture lessons.

Why Is the Youth Farm Initiative Needed?


With hands on agriculture and business activity, we apply inquiry-based science curriculum to re-enforce state standards.


The urban farm creates a work environment full of learning opportunities and allows students to market and sell the produce they grow.


The farm visually demonstrates innovative and environmentally sustainable uses of current and future vacant urban spaces


The farm generates fresh, sustainably produced food for neighborhoods with health issues and heightened food insecurity.

Visit The Farm

The FHC Youth Farm is centered at 1648 Sheldon Street. It’s a central area in Indianapolis that is easily accessed by public transportation. The urban farm was grown out of a need for job opportunities for local high school students. The farm is completely youth-led and provides meaningful job opportunities where students develop business, environmental, and life skills.

See how we’re impacting the future of agriculture

Check out our FHC book written with collaboration of Purdue University ASEC graduate students

Want to get involved with the FHC Youth Farm?
Join our program as an urban youth farmer or make a donation to support the next summer’s crops!