Felege Hiywot Staff

Our Staff Is Instrumental in Making an Impact on Our Community

 Yodit Kibrom

Yodit is the Program Director at FHC. She manages a few of the programs at the center, including the youth farm and GA2G program. Yodit actually started out as a participant in the GA2G program in middle school, growing in the program until college. She gained so much knowledge and insight about herself within the program that she has came back to work at the center. She started out as a Summer Program Coordinator in 2012, then as a Program Coordinator in 2014.She is now in school at IUPUI, getting her accounting degree while working at FHC. Working alongside youth in the center, Yodit has been able to be a bridge between Americans and immigrants, as she is a child of immigrant parents raised in America. She also has been using her knowledge in accounting to build a strong accounting foundation here.

 Miriam Rivera

Miriam Rivera is an AmeriCorps member from AmeriCorps CIC Immigrant and Refugee Corps program. She is an Outreach Coordinator at FHC working in our immigrant program, specifically with the 2nd generation Ethiopian high school students through outreach and life skills. She is currently a graduate student at IUPUI working on her Masters in Social Work. Miriam has been an AmeriCorps member since 2015 working as a Volunteer Coordinator and then Tutor/Mentor at low income schools. She really enjoys working with 2nd generation Ethiopian High School students as they teach her so much about culture and life.

 Isabel Kauffman

Isabel works at Felege Hiywot Center through the AmeriCorps CIC Immigrant and Refugee Corps program as a Program Coordinator. During her 900 hours of service at FHC, she has been working on coordinating new projects, growing in her leadership, and learning all there is to know about working on an urban farm. Here, she is a service member who works alongside those in the community and follows in the footsteps of those before her in order to give back to the community. Before she was an AmeriCorps member, Isabel worked as a camp counselor at Felege Hiywot’s youth STEM camp in the summer of 2015. Located at IPS 69, she worked in a classroom of 30 kids alongside two other counselors in order to teach the students science based learning. While she worked at school 69, she taught kids the importance of discipline, unity, and how science and the outdoors is an important part of our everyday life. Working as a member at FHC, she has learned the importance of higher education, leadership, mentorship and being a part of the Indianapolis community, saying “Felege Hiywot means the world to me. I have learned so much about who I am and what it means to be a part of and serve those in my community in order to learn and grow.” When her 900 hours of service ends in August she hopes to go to school at IUPUI and continue to work at FHC as an official staff member.

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