Midsummer Update!

Midsummer Update!

“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood will as well.” ― George R.R. Martin

Midsummer update!

I hope you have been having a lovely summer. I wanted to share an update on what our students have been doing so far this summer.

I have been quietly soaking in God’s love pouring through the eyes of the students, your unwavering support, our partners’ love in sharing their knowledge, and the dedication of FHC staff on pulling it all together!

For this updated, I thought it might be fun to share a “Week in the Lives” outline of what our students are working on throughout the week (Tuesdays – Saturdays):

Tuesdays: Indiana Writers Center comes and starts the prompt of the week with our students. This week, they focused on beauty and self-reflection. Students reflected on their colorful memories and colorful meals. They wrote about our city, the Children’s Museum, and more.

The Indiana Farm Bureau and Marion County Farm Bureau come every Tuesday and Wednesday to provide lessons on dairy and cattle.

We are blessed by the Indy Hunger Network’s Cooking Matters program to help our students with cooking lunch Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Wednesdays: Indiana Writers Center comes back and finishes the lessons for the week. Last week continued with a prompt on how they see themselves, and how they portray themselves to others. It’s been wonderful to see their voices shine through!

Thursdays: Purdue University’s Botany department comes and provides a lesson on plants and plant health.

Fridays: Major Tool and Machine work with our students on Fridays to help guide them in replacing three 5-gallon water tanks with secure bases (this is in addition to all of the wonderful upgrades Major Tool & Machine has done at the Center in the past few months!).

Saturdays & throughout the week: Farming! Unfortunately, planting vegetables was delayed to soil/compost delivery delays due to heavy rain during the 1st two weeks of June, but students filled out beds (perfectly laid thanks to Major Tool & Machine!), and started planting last week.

Next update: Our lovely summer staff (featuring some photos of our Staff Renewal Day, sponsored by the Arthur Dean Family Foundation)– stay tuned. There may or may not be a photo of my manicure from our day of rest!

Thank you so much for your continued support.