Introducing our summer program partners

Introducing our summer program partners

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

First, thank you for sharing in our joy over the news of our Rise Initiative grant from the Lilly Endowment. It’s truly been a blessing to see the community share in our excitement to expand our reach to the youth.

In the midst of all of this good news, time is flying! Our employment-based summer farm camp will be starting before we know it. I sat back and took a look at all of the opportunities this summer’s participants will have and I was filled with gratitude for our partners. I wanted to share with you some of what our students will be doing come summer.

(Quick reminder: All students rising to grades 8-12 are welcome to apply. Registration will close on April 30th!)

The Farm Bureau will be doing policy classes with us to teach our students policy advocacy. Each participant will come up with policies they want to advocate for and they will learn how to bring these issues up with the Indiana State Legislature! We’ll even get to take trips to the Indiana State Capitol and to the Chicago Agriculture School!

Purdue Extension Marion County will prepare lessons on different agricultural disciplines. One I’m excited about: poultry! Each lesson will have an engaged activity associated with it. So, for chickens, we’ll explore how we get eggs, take a close look at the yolks, and learn about the process from start to finish.

On Tuesdays, the Indy Hunger Network will come and work with our Health & Nutrition students to learn how to prepare and cook lunch, and also present heath and nutrition education for each meal. They will also help our students create a health snack menu for each week.

The Patachou Foundation, who work to fight childhood hunger in Indianapolis, will be providing delicious, nutritious meals to us from Wednesday – Saturday.

We are so excited to kick off another wonderful summer program and work with our dedicated partners.


Speaking of partners, our friends at KIPP Indy were kind enough to feature FHC as their April Community Partner highlight.

“I always make sure students know our door is never closed here. I want every student to thrive and find their unique gifts.

The other thing I always push is for students to not cut their umbilical cord to this community. No matter if they move, I want students to stay connected. None of them were able to get where they’ve gotten without holding someone’s hand. This has been a critical message for our program.”