FHC presents at Neighbor Power Indy 2019

FHC presents at Neighbor Power Indy 2019

Today FHC presented a workshop at Neighbor Power Indy 2019. What is Neighbor Power Indy?

“Convened by INRC, in partnership with the City of Indianapolis, Neighbor Power Indy brings together hundreds of neighborhood residents, community leaders, business owners, nonprofits, corporate partners, government staff and elected officials from all over Indianapolis! Neighbor Power is FREE and lunch is included. You must register to attend. The theme for Neighbor Power Indy 2019 is Connecting People and Places.”

We were honored to have the highest amount of registrants for our section of presenting. Our Youth Leaders did an amazing job sharing their stories around their experiences at The Felege Hiywot Center. Our youth leaders shared very personal stories about how the program at FHC has helped them grow as leaders and individuals. The Green Thumb Project also presented alongside us to sharing their amazing work that has spanned four generations thanks to the work of Founder Mama Camille and how FHC was able to come alongside their work taking it to the next level.

After the presentation we had a great discussion with the audience about what it takes to do the work of connecting people and places in the community.

A few major take aways were:

  • Don’t worry about the number of participants in your garden program at first. Make sure that you find a few passionate and dedicated people to work with and build from there.
  • Listen to the youth and if they have an idea help them run with it and see it to the end.
  • As an adult be flexible when it comes to working with the youth. Don’t be afraid of them making a mistake or wasting a seed because they stepped on it and it didn’t grow. This is worthwhile because this is how they learn.
  • When getting the youth to try different things from the garden prepare it in different ways like Mama Camille did so the kids can taste options. Or even have a “two bite rule” like Aster has at The Felege Hiywot Center.
  • Always make sure you make time for feedback from the youth no matter what. Every day The Felege Hiywot Center engages in “Real Talk”  with the students where they can share what worked, what didn’t work and what can be better.

If you would like to see the entire presentation you can check it out on our Facebook Page!

This morning we presented at Neighbor Power Indy along with Green Thumb Patrol and had an AMAZING TIME together. The Audience had some great questions. If you want to learn more about what it takes to make a true impact in your community listen to the wisdom of years of experience from the adults AND the youth.

Posted by Felege Hiywot Center on Saturday, March 9, 2019

Board member Tommy Reddicks, President of Paramount School, with Youth Leaders Terrence, Naomi and Michael

Founder and Executive Director Aster Bekele speaks while Farm Manager Benjamin Pearson looks on.

Youth Leader Naomi shares about her experience at FHC as well as her capstone project

Portia Jackson and Mama Camille speak about their work with the Green Thumb Project and how FHC came alongside them


Our students came out to learn and support. They are amazing!

Aster, Mama Camille and Lashaunna Bentley from Green Thumb Project take a moment to snap a pictures.

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