Felege Hiwyot at PreEnact Indy 2018

Felege Hiwyot at PreEnact Indy 2018

Have you ever heard of PreEnact?

Here is a little bit about it from the PreEnact team themselves:

“PreEnactment theater envisions a neighborhood that OUGHT to be—just, equitable, and economically vibrant. Our stage is an entire three blocks of 16th Street.  From the Monon to Andrew J. Brown.  Every vacant lot/building, existing business, street lane and sidewalk is part of the stage.  Set designers will build temporary facades on the vacant lots and spruce up the abandoned buildings.  Actors will perform an equitable way of living and model a neighborhood that is revitalized, but is also inclusive. 7 professional theater groups (Act A Foo Improv Crew, Asante Children’s Theater, Sapphire, Freetown Village, etc) are partners.  3 schools and 20 neighborhood groups are also participating.”

Felege Hiywot at PreEnact Indy 2018

PreEnact Indy 2018 was so much fun! Felege Hiywot and Brother Nature got to participate in this amazing event. The students participated in many theater activities, shared their science projects and sold veggies from the farm with their mobile farm stand.

Posted by Felege Hiywot Center on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Last year Felege Hiywot had the honor of being a part of the very first PreEnactment Theater event. It was so popular that it was brought back again this year and so of course we took an even larger part of it than last year. Two of our youth farm leaders Terrance and Michael started a landscaping company called Brother’s Nature. Their company had a stage that housed several other booths including the Felege Hiwyot mobile farm stand and displays from our summer program.

Inside the Brother Nature facade the students displayed their summer project and the FHC mobile farm stand sold produce from our farm.

Later in the afternoon the students volunteered themselves to be audience members for the Act a Foo Improv Crew which is an all black improv group from Indianapolis.

Little did the students know that they would be called up on stage! They did a great job!

But the students weren’t finished just yet. They also performed with a group that did applied theater and had almost the entire audience up on stage playing games and learning personal development skills!

Felege Hiywot had an amazing time celebrating  PreEnact and what it represents. If you’re interested in finding out more about Brother Nature or the Farm we’d love for you to check out the opportunities available!