Our Arts and Culture Story at Felege Hiywot

Our Arts and Culture Story at Felege Hiywot


Arts and culture have been a significant part of our story here at Felege Hiywot Center since the beginning. We’ve found that incorporating the arts into our work has been a great benefit to the growth and development of our children, our community and ourselves as well. So when the opportunity to submit for the Arts & Culture Lily Grant came up we were very excited to participate.

We’ve been working hard for several weeks to prepare to shoot a video highlighting some of the work that we’ve done over the years at FHC. We talked about our play A Song for Peace, our film camps, and music mentoring program as well as had some of our leaders share their stories as well.

We want to give a special thanks to our friends over at Think Ahead Studios for graciously lending their talents to tell our arts and culture story. Through this shoot, our Farm Leaders were able to gain even more skills to continue to tell their own stories through media. We are so proud of the interviews and believe this will be a powerful video to share our history with the arts in our community. Our students courageously shared how art has helped them through hard times with dealing with personal loss and finding ways to express their feelings.

Ryder Harman from Think Ahead Studios with Terrance and Michael

Terrance and Michael being filmed.

After filming, we headed over to the Glendale area to grab some lunch before heading over to watch Black Panther. After the film, we continued to discuss the powerful themes brought up in the film such as slavery, loss of fathers in the home, violence and what it means to be a hero. We were able to revisit some of the lessons the students learned during film camp surrounding story plot and character development.

On a fun note, we discovered why Terrance (white sweatshirt ) was awarded the “Great Debaters Award” by his fellow farmers. His knowledge of the Marvel universe is uncanny.