Spring Break Has Come And Gone

Spring Break Has Come And Gone

“If people did not love one another, I really don’t see what use there
would be in having any spring.” 
― Victor Hugo

Spring Break was last week for local students.

Our students were so excited to be able to take a tour at Purdue University, sponsored by the Purdue Agriculture Science Education and Communication Department.It ended up being an FHC Family Affair, too. Micheal, as always, was right there with our students helping them engage in the activities. Naomi helped coordinate the trip and tour. Former FHC student Krista, Botany and Plant Biology Teaching Lab Coordinator, was our guide in taking the students through hands-on Lab activity and the interactive greenhouses tour! I remember when she was just a shy teenager in our summer program, so it warms my heart to see her blossom and study Botany!

The students loved seeing the potential that our own greenhouses can have. Krista taught them about the adaptability strengths some of the plants have to combat bugs and disease and the symbiotic relationships and partner planting that can be executed to help the plants grow stronger. See the smiling faces in the photos at the end of this email!

Additionally, while at the University, they learned about how to apply to the college and what happens once you get accepted. My favorite quote from the day? “I better start taking school seriously!” Parents, I’ll let you take a guess on whether or not it was your child who said it or not!

During these activities, I was able to sneak away and plan and discuss with Purdue staff the plans for our summer program and work to deepen that relationship. They are so generous and will be sending staff every week for the full 8-week program to teach lessons to our summer students. Wow.

Our Rise participants also started the Purple Plow program with the Farm Bureau and Corteva to brainstorm solutions to complex agricultural problems. This will be an ongoing competition that they are excited to do.

In addition to the Rise Program’s Spring Break, our other partnership programs have been busy preparing for Spring. I really enjoyed this update from our Edna Martin Christian Center 4-H Club from earlier in March (although I had to Google Ellion’s comment!):

Micheal presented a video that discussed the importance of soil in relation to our daily lives. The students learned much from this video and enjoyed animation. After the video, Micheal had the students play a game called The Worms and The Birds. This simple game aims to get students active and engaged with learning about birds and worms. One remark made by Ellion was “Garden club is getting lit” . This tells me that students are beginning to really enjoy the club. It is really great to have the weather changing, so that we may do more activities outside. 

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Next up: Summer Registration!
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