End of Year 2022

End of Year 2022


End of Year 2022

2022 In Review

You helped make our year at the Felege Hiywot Center incredible.
We wanted to share our favorite memories with you.

“My favorite moment was visiting Fair Oaks Farm. Road trips are always fun, but the best part was learning the technical side of a large farm.”

– Kyla Jefferson, FHC Executive Assistant

“I loved meeting most of the staff and students in person for the first time at the FHC cookout over the summer. Yum!”

– Michael Lee, FHC Coach & consultant

“My favorite parts were having the students at the Center. It was just so refreshing to interact with them and learn about their life experiences. We got to watch them learn new things and grow new passions.”

– Hadessa Henry, FHC Environmental Advocate

“I loved getting to see the Center’s students post all of the fun activities they were doing and share FHC with their friends and family!”

– Sarah Peterson, FHC Communications Associate

“My favorite was seeing how proud they all were after making their first apple pies from scratch.”

– Hope Stanton, FHC Food and Nutrition Director

“My favorite moment was working the fundraiser and using the walkie-talkies to coordinate with everyone at FHC.”

– Ibrahim Kamara, FHC Fellow

“My favorite was during the summer when the students worked together to figure out the best way to fill up the beds.”

– Jerry Hernandez, FHC Fellow

It was so great to reminiscence with our wonderful staff as I reflected on my own highlights. My favorite moments all revolved around the blessing of having enough staff support. It gave me time to get to know each student, listen to each student tell me what they love to do.

I got to see the students come to life when I said, “I have my own instructions for you to fill the beds, do you want to follow these instructions or come up with your own?” Of course, they came up with their own plan, and met their 12 hour deadline to fill SIXTY beds!

The group photo you see above is after our ice cream feast we had after we met that goal.

I also got to see the FHC staff put together a great fundraiser dinner and community day that allowed me to relax and socialize with our guests!

Of course, all of these memories and achievements happened because of the greatest love, grace, and protection poured from God.

I am closing out the chapter on 2022 with gratitude.

Tomorrow closes out the year. We would be so honored if FHC was included in your end-of-the-year giving. We are over 60% to our goal of raising $5,000 in November and December. Can you help us meet this milestone? It will go straight to our youth programming and helping the Center make new memories in 2023. 

Thank you for your support! 
Aster Bekele