Embracing Ethiopian Heritage

What Is The GA2G?

Youth In Indianapolis Growing  As  2nd  Generation

As an Indianapolis afterschool program, GA2G is designed to help reduce intergenerational stress. It’s through this program we help second-generation Ethiopian Americans better understand their heritage, history, and culture. It’s our goal for participants in the afterschool program to learn how to share with each other and with the community while they develop leadership skills. The results of the program have been incredible as youth from various cultures in Indianapolis come together to learn about each others’ culture and start developing a deeper understanding of each other.

Why Is GA2G Needed?

Embracing Heritage

We focus on teaching the youth of Indianapolis to embrace their cultural heritage and to take pride in where they come from. We celebrate differences and learn how sharing those differences can increase the understanding that we have with others in our communities.

Dealing With Intergenerational Stress

Intergenerational stress can be difficult for any youth. At our afterschool program, we focus on sharing the struggles of being a second-generation Ethiopian American and start embracing what it really means.

Celebrating Black History

GA2G members participate in black history activities and attend city-wide international and cultural festivals. Our members also participate in presentations of the “Song for Peace” drama. Recently, we’ve partnered with the Art Institute to incorporate art into program activities.

Interested in getting involved with the GA2G program?
We would love for you to support or be a part of our Indianapolis afterschool program!