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Our partner orphanage, Sebeta, is located near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in Africa where FHC first visited them in 2004. The grounds were toured and we learned about the programs offered for the ~200 orphans that live there.

FHC board members and volunteers are planning another visit to Sebeta and the orphans in August 2011. After their visit, more current pictures of both the  orphanage and the orphans will be posted.  Please check back then while in the meantime please enjoy pictures from previous visits.

To learn about our orphans, both those who have sponsors and those who still need sponsors follow the links. If you would like to support Sebeta by meeting a particular need click this link.

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In 2006 FHC raised money to help provide school uniforms for some of the orphans at Sebeta. These are pictures of the children wearing them.
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Images of crops grown in the orphanage. These pictures and more are taken by the FHC Executive Director during her visit in 2008 when she volunteered at the orphanage can be seen by clicking here.
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During the same visit in 2008, our Executive Director also volunteered in their clinic seen in these pictures:

Executive Director with some of the orphans sponsored through FHC.
If you want more information call: 317.545.2245 or email us at info@fhcenter.org