5th & 6th Grade Students

Camp Today

My favorite part of camp today was doing the longitude and latitude with the technology that the scientists brought for us to use. I learned that pollination is important because the plants need it to make food for us. It was really cool looking at the bees today and I hope tomorrow is just as fun.

Fun Day

IUPUI showed us about bees and other insects that pollinate by going flower to flower and we did some fun games about that. Bees are important to the ecosystem because they help the flowers and vegetables and fruits. My favorite part about camp so far are the counselors. I like hanging out with them. They are really fun and cool with us.


We got to do the latitude and longitude today with IUPUI. We tracked it using the GPS units and the iPads. They showed us some stuff about bees like how they make honey and pollinate our stuff because they like the nectar. It was fun doing science today.


My favorite part of camp today was the pollination activity where we ran around like bumblebees. The bee keeper came today to teach us about bees. They pollinate our flowers and food which makes them very important. They are a big part of our ecosystem, and some make yummy honey.