3rd & 4th Grade Students


My favorite part of camp this week was playing in the sand for the watershed lab that IUPUI did. The scientists from IUPUI also taught me that we have to take care of the soil for the future and that the five food groups we eat are fruits, grains, dairy, protein, and vegetables. Nakiea came in from the kitchen to teach us that the chicken lettuce wraps we had for lunch on Wednesday were part of the vegetable, grain, and protein categories. I also learned about a different culture than mine and even learned how to say some words in Spanish. My favorite is mariposa, that means butterfly! But one of the best parts of this week was that we had 11 chicks hatch in the incubator.

My Fun Week

I had a lot of fun. One of my favorite parts of camp was playing dodge ball! Another one of the activities we did was imagining a robot we would invent. My robot would be a monkey that would make bananas for me. We also played a game called Soil FBI so I learned what the soil does for plants, like how it helps feed them with its nutrients.

Science Is Cool!

We did a lot of science stuff this week. Engineers came from Major Tool and we got to make Lego robots! It was hard for my kicker-bot to score a soccer goal though. They did an egg drop for us too. To keep my egg safe from breaking I used paper to wrap the egg. I put an egg on a paper and wrapped the egg, I put it in a cup then I added another cup and taped it. IUPUI came too and did an experiment to show that plants’ leaves help give them food.

We Learned about Water

Today we learned a lot about water from IUPUI. They showed the water cycle to us, and I played a game where I was the condensation part of the cycle. It’s cool how we use the same water over and over and it is over 3 billion years old. It has 3 states, gas, liquid, and solid. My favorite counselor so far is Daja because she plays with me and makes me laugh a lot.